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It's True... You Can Earn Up To $15,750 Per Day Without  Learning "Tech," Marketing, or Sales!

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(explains how our Automated Money System works)



If you're serious about making 5 or even 6 figures per month from home then you owe it to yourself and your family to invest the time into WATCHING the ENTIRE "High-Profit" Webinar above.


After watching the webinar in its entirety, get your questions answered by watching the entire FAQ Video below. Once you finish, make sure to call the Success Coach Hotline and take advantage of the 48 Hour ACTION TAKER BONUSES


Watch The FAQ VIDEO Below



(watched all of the videos? ready to get your questions answered and get started?)

🛑 DO NOT Call the Success Coach Until After You've Watched the ENTIRE Webinar & FAQ Videos Above 🛑
If you have not watched both videos above your assigned coach will reschedule the call to when you have.
95% of your questions will be answered by watching the Webinar and FAQ videos.

Coach Adam

Your Team Leader & Mentor, 7 Figure Earner

I’ve been an online entrepreneur for 13+ years, and so many people have asked me how I went from broke and unemployed to becoming financially abundant.

That’s why I chose to become a coach and offer this amazing opportunity, so you can discover the proven method and go from struggling to free with NO skills required!

Click that button NOW and schedule your call with me ASAP!

- Adam Holland

Are You Kidding Me?
Undeniable Video Proof BELOW!!

Adam - $15k Day!

Adam - $5k Day!

Adam - Another $5k Day!

David's First Check!

Dr. Mike

Julia's First Check!




Curtis - part 1


Curtis - part 2




We market different informational and educational digital product packages through our membership system along with marketing our business opportunity itself.

Each product level is attached to a certain grouping of digital trainings that are the actual products within the system. It’s called E-learning, which you learned about in the webinar, and it is actually a $107 billion dollar annual industry.

Our information product licensing packages are made up of the top 3 selling categories on Amazon – Personal Development, Sales and Marketing, and Leadership training!

You receive access to the products that are at the level you purchased as well as the levels below what you purchased and you also receive resale rights to re-market the products and the business opportunity.


Business & Mindset Mastery


Regardless of if you’re plugged into the FSSH and getting checks from us every month, or are generating your own paychecks. Business and mindset mastery exists because learning the skill sets to develop cash flow on your own is paramount to your long term success. What’s in here will give you the tools to generate your own leads, and convert them into sales like clockwork. This way, you’ll have the know-how and skill sets to market whatever you choose in any industry. What’s more, the content inside this section would have saved me over 100K if I knew what I know now. How come? I ended up structuring my business incorrectly when I first started. So I made this section specifically so you could avoid that pain and frustration I went through. Additionally, I give detailed training on how to think and how to have mastery over your mind. This training alone will catapult you into new levels and pay dividends far into the future. I give you the right mental frameworks and thought exercises so that you truly can have a bulletproof perspective and attack your business with confidence. Essentially, this section serves as a crucial and foundational blueprint to getting started on the right foot and launching you into the next phase.

Fundamentals video training series  ($297 Value)

TikTok Organic (FREE) traffic video training series ($497 value)

TikTok PPC (Paid) traffic video training series ($497 value)

Funnel Template, Email Templates, SMS Templates ($997 value)

Affiliate Program Access ($100/mo value) (PRICELESS)

** you can use our traffic training to promote ANY affiliate program you want to (not 'only' our system)! **

Fantastic Follow Up Course: 21 Modules and over 6 hours of content ($995 Value):

If you would like to generate your own leads (you don’t have to by the way, and can just choose to tap into our marketing co-op) this course teaches you how to follow up with them.

This is a 4 part series:

  1. Follow Up Mindset And Best Practices 
  2. Content Marketing, Email Marketing, And Video Conversions Formula 
  3. Social Media, Blogging, And Webinar Follow Up 
  4. Quizzes, Applications, Live Events Follow Up 
  5. Bonus Phone/Skype Follow Up + 90 Day Promotional Calendar 

Setting Up Your Business: 7 modules and over 20 minutes of content ($4,995 Value):

This section alone would’ve saved over 100k in taxes over my first 10 years in business if I knew this information then! Don’t make the same mistake as me, and learn this right from the start!

(Hint: if your business is NOT set up properly, you will be penalized)

  1. What Entity To Set Up
  2. How You Should Pay Yourself 
  3. How To Name Your Company
  4. Get Your EIN
  5. File Your Corporation Locally
  6. How To Hire a CPA

In Platinum, you get everything included in the Gold Level as well as the following.

Operation List Building: 26 modules of fundamental sales funnels and marketing content ($3,995 Value)

Everyone knows that “the money is in the list.” This training teaches you how to build up your email list for long-term success and monetization. This is an asset that could continue to pay you for years to come!

  1. Domain & Email Setup
  2. Autoresponder Setup
  3. Page Builder Setup
  4. List Building 101 Overview 
  5. Tools Of The Trade
  6. Capture Page Vs Landing Page
  7. Traffic Strategies 
  8. Solo Ads
  9. Sponsored Posts
  10. Branded Reports 
  11. Interview Swaps
  12. Facebook Ads
  13. Facebook Audiences 
  14. Youtube
  15. Top Secret
  16. Fantastic Follow-Up
  17. Revenue Examples 
  18. Where To Find Offers
  19. Purging Your Lists 
  20. Drive Conversions And Commissions 

Done For You Email Templates ($12,500 Value):

Over 125 different follow-up emails across the financial, real estate, health & weight loss offers, and more 

Traffic Lightning ($14,995 Value):

My complete overview on how to run paid internet marketing campaigns for whatever you’re selling 

  1. Traffic 101
  2. How To Generate Subscribers
  3. How To Monetize Email Traffic
  4. Facebook Traffic 101 - Ads Copy, Targeting, Ad Targeting, Pixel Tracking Etc
  5. SEO 101 - Ads Copy, Targeting, Ad Targeting, Optimization Etc
  6. YouTube 101 - Account Set up, Tag Manager, Targeting Research, Creative Video, Creative Ad, Optimization

Buying Decisions ($1,995 Value):

How to influence and persuade prospects to happily give you money. You’ll learn how to build value, overcome objectections, and set up your sales presentation to win big!


** you can use our traffic, follow up, and sales training to promote ANY affiliate program you want to (not 'only' our system)! **

Wealth Generation Mastery


Once you’ve mastered your mind and your business, we now move onto the wealth generation phase. In this part of the Fast Start Side Hustle, you’ll have cash flow and cash reserves ready to be invested into new, hands-off, and wealth producing investment vehicles. This is why we include training on managed forex trading, cryptocurrency mining, real estate, tax free retirement, air bnb investing and many others. So that the money you worked hard for, can now grow and multiply each month. This section serves as the logical and important next step in your journey to grow and sustain your wealth long term.

In Diamond, you get everything included in the Platinum Level as well as the following.


Real Estate Investing 101  ($2,995 Value):

Learn how to make additional income through wholesaling, fix-n-flipping, buy and hold, and more!


How To Start An Airbnb Business ($2,995 Value) 

Discover how to generate monthly semi-passive cash flow plus have all the benefits of real estate.


Tax-Free Retirement ($995 Value): 

How to retire sooner and not worry about your nest egg being eaten alive by capital gains.

In Royal, you get everything included in the Diamond Level as well as the following.

Cryptocurrency Trading 101 ($4,995 Value):

Learn how to trade cryptocurrencies in 2022.

Cryptocurrency Mining 101($5,995 Value):

Learn how to generate wealth through hands-off crypto mining.

Forex Trading 101($8,995 Value) :

This automated forex trading service had a 438% return last year. So now I’m sharing with my Royal Level members how they can profit off this too.

"Everything Sounds Great, BUT Could You Just Explain Everything in 10 Minutes?"




Julia's First 3 Check Day!

Sherry's First Check


Scott's First Check!









 Tom Got Another Check!


Dr. Mike



Jim's 1st Check!

Julia gets check while on vacation

Kristen's 1st Check!


Gregg's 1st Check!

Doug's 3rd Month

Ibrahim's 3rd Month


Scott's 2nd Check

Daniel's 1st Check

Sherry's June Check

Carla's 1st Check!

Jill's 1st Check

Doug's 1st Multiple Check Week

Bino's 1st Check!

Reece's 1st Check!

Gerald's 1st Check!

Jimmy's 1st Check!

Alyse's 1st Check!

Anthony's 1st Check!

Doug's 7th Check!

Jimmy's 2nd Check!

Ernie's 1st Check!

Jeremy's 2nd Check!

Bernard's 2nd & 3rd Check!

Michael's 1st Check!

Jonathan's 1st Check!

Pete's 1st Check!

Jimmy's 3rd Check!

Argylle's 1st Check!

Jimmy's 4th Check!

Carla's Share-a-Sale Check!

Bernard's 4th Check!

Alfredo's 1st Check!

Jerry's 3rd Check!

Michael's 1st Check!

Robert's First 10k Check!

Andy Receives Check On Birthday!

Peter's 2nd Check!

Jimmy's Multiple Checks!

Courtney's 1st Check!

Derek Opens A Check!

Hoang's 1st Check!

Michael's 2nd Check!

Cory's 1st Check!

Robert Receives Another Check!

Alex's 1st Check!

Julie's 1st check!



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Please DO NOT Call the Success Coach Hotline or Schedule a Call Back Until After You've Watched the ENTIRE Webinar & FAQ Video Above

If you've not watched both videos above your assigned coach will reschedule the call to when you have.

95% of your questions will be answered by watching the Webinar and FAQ videos.


Pick Your Product Level & Book A Discovery Call With Your Success Coach:


Bronze Membership


  • $1,000 + $199 Admin Fee = $1,199
  • Make up to $500 on every sale
  • Bronze Product Package
Level 1

Gold Membership


  • $3,000 + $399 Admin Fee = $3,399
  • Make up to $1,500 on every sale
  • Gold Product Package
Level 2

Platinum Membership


  • $7,000 + $599 Admin Fee = $7,599
  • Make up to $3,500 on every sale
  • EVERYTHING in Gold PLUS Platinum Product Package
  • 48 hour bonus to upgrade to DIAMOND
Level 3


Diamond Membership


  • $14,000 + $799 Admin Fee = $14,799
  • Make up to $7,000 on every sale
  • EVERYTHING in Platinum PLUS Diamond Product Package
  • 48 hour bonus to upgrade to ROYAL
Level 4

Royal Membership


  • $21,000 + $999 Admin Fee = $21,999
  • Make up to $10,500 on every sale
  • EVERYTHING in Diamond PLUS Royal Product Package
  • 48 hour bonus to upgrade to 75% commission = up to $15,750
Level 5

48 Hour Action Taker's BONUS!

Join at the $7,000 level and be UPGRADED to the $14,000 level!

Join at the $14,000 level and be UPGRADED to the $21,000 level!

Join at the $21,000 level and be UPGRADED to earn 75% instead of 50% commissions for LIFE!

What are you waiting for? Call the 24/7 Success Coach Hotline NOW

Let Me Show Why This is Worth $100K in Value

The Sales Copy

Our copywriters have worked with multiple big-name 7 & 8 figure businesses, have generated millions of dollars, and are trained by the world's elite and foremost experts in the field. The point is our copy converts, consistently, regardless of what we’re selling.

The Tech

Our state-of-the-art integrations, funnels, auto-responders, and automations help our business run much more efficiently… AND you won’t have to worry about any of it. If learning and implementing new technologies has been a stumbling block for you in the past, we’ve got you covered.

The Marketing

Not only do we have a marketing coop that you can piggyback off of…

Adam owns an agency and has worked with celebrity clients such as Danica Patrick, Patrick Bet David, and many others. Throughout his extensive marketing career, he has generated over 100 million in revenue and produced over 3 million leads for himself and his clients.

The Follow Up / Sales

Every savvy business owner knows “The money is in the follow-up.”


And at the fast start side hustle, we’ve got leads covered like a baby in a blanket. Our phone, text, email, and ads retargeting system leaves no lead untouched or unnurtured.

Generate Leads & Sales On Autopilot?

Watch The Video Below To Discover How To Plug-In To Our 40+ Years Of Combined Experience & Piggy-Back On Our Marketing Coop!

How Can I Afford It?

Watch The Video Below To Discover How To Use Other People's Money To Fund Your New Business!

Business Funding Requirements

Minimum Credit Score: 620

Minimum Annual Income: $38,000

If you don't meet these requirements, please do NOT book a call

What are you waiting for? Call the 24/7 Success Coach Hotline NOW

Fast Start Side Hustle Gives Back...

We work with charities that are aligned with our vision of creating profit through purpose and serving our communities. We don’t just talk about leaving a legacy, we’re creating one. The two charities that we’ve chosen to support are ones that have suffered unimaginable, unspeakable hardships.


The first is The Wounded Warrior Project to help protect our military veterans. We chose to support this group because we highly value the brave men and women that have fought for the freedoms we take for granted every day. We can only imagine what the trials they’ve faced and are in full support of as they recover from their service


The second is Generate Hope which helps the victims of trafficking rebuild their lives and find healing. These victims didn’t choose what came their way, and therefore we give generously to help them rebuild, restore and recover from these horrific past traumas.


Both veterans and victims have suffered immense hardships over the course of their lives. We wanted to serve these people to the best of our ability. So the best way for us to do that is through donating a portion of the profits to these organizations.



This is why Adam took the time to interview several new members, some of which have known and/or worked with Adam for 5 to 10 years!  This business is NOT going anywhere, and is only getting BETTER!  Watch a few of the interviews below and finally take away all of your excuses.  Then get started TODAY by booking your discovery call with a success coach.

Meet Julia

Meet Sherry


Once you book your call and connect with your coach, you’ll then select your product and marketing coop package and be welcomed into the Fast Start Side Hustle.

You’ll immediately receive a welcome email with the next steps.

After that, you’ll be given a login and granted access to your e-learning content on the backend.

You’ll also receive your affiliate dashboard along with your tracking link for your marketing.

Ready to get started?

Click below to book your discovery call!

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